NEW chat platform launched:

There is a new chat platform called „Chatcloud“ online. This new platform is for all people in the world who love to chat with other people about realtionships, leisure, work and politics.

It is and will always be free.

Talk to real people from all over the world. Many chat portals are overcrowded with people who make calls for a fee to make the portal look bigger and more prominent, but not on Chatcloud!

Visit and register for free.

There will be also an adult section for a sex chat and this is also 100% for free!

Sei sozial und teile

Über den Autor Andreas Grundner

Ich arbeite als Wordpress-, Joomla-, Typo3-, Magento-Integrator, Rootserver-Administrator und Webanwendungsprogrammierer. Meine Verpflichtung gilt dem Datenschutz, meine Leidenschaft dem Finden und Aufzeigen von Sicherheitslücken in Webanwendungen.

2 Reaktionen zu NEW chat platform launched:

  1. Abdul Jahmarat
    14.08.2019 at 09:59 · Antworten

    Looks great. That’s what we need. Social media platforms that care about privacy in a world of privacy scandals.

  2. Tom Rovsky
    29.07.2019 at 09:27 · Antworten

    Cool. Can’t wait for it! There are many chat sites out there, but most of them do not offer a great user expierence. Hopefully chatcloud gets better. Talking to strangers is a really cool thing and when i can decide if to use text, mic or also cam is great.

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